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When can I file for a claim?

For Life Insurance Products:

A claim may be filed anytime following the death, disability/injury/illness or hospitalization of the insured. Claims for riders are only possible if these are attached to the basic life insurance policy.

For Non-Life Insurance Products:

You may file your claim immediately.

Who can file for a claim?

Beneficiaries named in the contract or their legal representatives, subject to presentation of required documents, can file for a death claim. Health insurance claim may be filed by the policy owner/insured.

How do I file for a claim?

The following documents should be presented by the beneficiary:

  • a) Duly accomplished Statement of Claimant Form
    b) Duly accomplished Attending Physician’s Statement Form
    c) Original or Certified True Copy of Death Certificate duly registered with the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) or National Statistics Office (NSO)
    d) Original or Certified True Copy of Birth Certificates of insured and beneficiary/ies duly registered with the LCR or NSO
    e) One (1) primary ID or two (2) secondary IDs of claimant/s only
    f) Marriage certificate if the beneficiary is the spouse

If insured dies from an accident and policy has an Accidental Benefit Rider attached to the policy, in addition to the basic requirements stated earlier, you need to submit the following:

  • a) Death Certificate – duly certified and must bear the proof of registration from LCR
    b) Official investigation report of PNP or NBI
    c) Written Affidavit of at least two (2) witnesses
    d) Autopsy report

You may obtain the Statement of Claimant Form and Attending Physician’s Form from the following:

  • a) Download from www.axa.com.ph
    b) AXA Branch Offices nationwide
    c) Metrobank branch through an AXA Financial Executive

Valid identification includes any of the following photo-bearing IDs with clear signature:

  • a) Passport
    b) Driver’s License
    c) PRC ID
    d) New SSS / GSIS / Voter’s ID
    e) Unified ID
    Or any two (2) of the following photo-bearing IDs with clear signature:
    a) Employment ID
    b) School ID
    c) ATM card / Credit Card

If the beneficiary is minor (i.e. below 18 years old), the following are the requirements:

• Claims amounting to PHP500,000 and below, a duly notarized Affidavit of Guardianship must also be submitted for us to release the benefit.

• For amounts over PHP500,000, in addition to the standard requirements, the following additional documents must be submitted:

  • a) If the Guardian is the natural parent – A Guardianship Bond duly issued by the Regional Trial Court (RTC) with jurisdiction over the minor beneficiary’s stated home address must be submitted by the surviving parent.

  • b) If the Guardian is other than the natural parent – Letters of Guardianship duly issued by the Regional Trial Court (RTC) with jurisdiction over the minor beneficiary’s stated home address must be submitted by the would-be guardian.

Claims may be submitted at the following offices:

  • a) AXA Branch Offices nationwide
    b) Metrobank branches through an AXA Financial Executive

What does "contestable" and "incontestable" mean?

Contestable claim means that the death occurs in less than two (2) years

from the date of effectivity of the policy.

Incontestable means that AXA Philippines cannot revoke your contract

after two (2) years, provided that your policy is still in-force. Death by

suicide only becomes a valid claim during this period.

What happens if the policy owner dies?

Proceeds will only be paid upon the death of the insured.*

If the owner dies, a new policy owner must be named. When a contingent owner is named in the application form, the latter will assume ownership. In the absence of a contingent owner, the insurance code states that the ownership of the policy will automatically be granted to the insured.

If the policy is issued with an attached Waiver of Premium rider or a Payor’s Clause, on the owner’s death, future premiums may be waived up to a period as stated in the policy contract.

*For life insurance policies only

What is IIE?

IIE stands for Index-linked Increase Endorsement. This is your policy's automatic inflation protection feature which applies every policy anniversary. However, should you decline for 2 consecutive times, the IIE will no longer be offered the following year.

What benefit do I get from IIE?

The IIE gives you the opportunity and convenience to increase your life insurance coverage for a minimal premium in relation to the increase in cost of living (inflation) without the need for medical examination.

How much will be the increase in my premium?

The cost of increase is minimal and varies per year depending on the inflation rate.

What is a claim?

It is a request made by named beneficiaries to an insurance policy for corresponding benefits following the death or injury of the insured, according to the provisions in the Policy Contract.

What are the types of claims?

a) Death claims (basic plan)

b) Disability claims (riders/supplements)

c) Personal Accident claims

d) Hospitalization claims

e) Claim for Waiver of Premium

Where can I file a claim?

For Life Insurance Products:

Claims may be submitted at the following offices:

a) AXA Philippines Head Office located at the GT Tower International, Ayala Ave. corner H.V. Dela Costa St., Makati City

b) AXA Branch Offices nationwide

c) Metrobank branches through an AXA Financial Executive

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